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/How to increase traffic and boost user activity

There are traffic sources that are talked about a lot, but little information on how to use them. The same situation with the description of ways to increase the activity of visitors. In this article you will find a description of such methods, as well as tools that make their implementation simple.


Social networks and messengers

This is a Skype message snippet. It is displayed with a large image and a useful description.
This is a Skype message snippet. It is displayed with a large image and a useful description.

When someone sends a link to your site or posts a record about you on the wall, social networks create a beautiful block with a headline, description and photo about the published link. This block is called snippet.

The more beautiful snippet gets, the more likely users will click on it. If the link to your site is sent in private messages, then a beautiful snippet will create a positive first impression.

Our robot checks that your snippet looks beautiful. We also have an article with a detailed description of this functionality.

WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and other messengers also form a snippet.

Advanced SEO

In addition to the standard search, there is a search on pictures and maps. Search engines can show beautiful snippets for certain categories of content. Our service helps improve visibility across all related search technologies.

We also check the site for a large number of typical SEO errors: correctness and completeness of the site map, the presence of basic SEO optimization of the page, grammatical errors in the most sensitive SEO elements, etc.

Integration with third-party devices and programs

This is the browser start page. The “Top Sites” block shows the most visited sites. You need a big favicon to looks good in that.
This is the browser start page. The “Top Sites” block shows the most visited sites. You need a big favicon to looks good in that.

You noticed various banners in the Windows start panel. Or on the browser home page you saw large site logos. To be represented in all these and many other programs, you need to generate several configuration files. Read more about this in our article.



In fact, 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than three seconds to load.

— Google —

People often use apps. And if your site is slower than the application, then the user feels discomfort. 10 years ago, users were not spoiled for such a speed, but today your site must fly to meet users expectations for speed. Just take it as a rule: the speed of work on the site should not be inferior to the speed of work in the application.

Each millisecond of page loading accumulates annoyance in the user and reduces the likelihood that the user will open the next page. The accumulation of irritation from a long load makes users act impulsively and consume your content less.

In the worst case, this scenario is possible: the user opens the main page, waits 15 seconds, gets annoyed. Opens a list of products, waits 10 seconds more annoyed. Instead of studying the assortment, he impulsively clicks on the first product, after making a couple of slides down, closes the page. The familiar scenario? Do not let this happen with your site. Follow all the recommendations from our automatic checker to make your site super fast.


We check things like:

Ease of use of the touchscreen. The elements on the page should be large enough to reach them with finger.

Responsiveness of the interface. If the element is active, then when you hover it should change the appearance and cursor. So the user will understand that you can click on the target.

Text formatting. Large text blocks in 2000 letters are difficult to read. You need to use headers, illustrations, tables, numbered lists, bolding etc.

Integration with applications. When clicking on a phone or email, the user's device should open the corresponding application. Some users use features such as RSS and Reader mode. Your site must support them.

We try to educate our artificial intelligence in all routine work. Freeing up your time to generate breakthrough ideas.

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