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/How to speed up development using ASC

Development is a significant part of the labor costs of any Internet business. In this article, we will talk about our tools that simplify this process.

Removing unused CSS

A programmer read code 90% of the time. The less code the faster development.

Superfluous CSS inappropriately appears during development. Changing the design of elements or removing unnecessary functionality, programmers accidentally or intentionally leave CSS code of deleted elements. For example, there was a large slider on the main page. The programmer deleted the HTML and JavaScript code, but did not clean the CSS files. Thus, the site has the styles for the item that is no longer used.

Even unnecessary code regularly requires attention, and attention is a valuable time of programmers. To remove the code, use our CSS cleaner tool. The tool page has instructions for its use.

JavaScript error finder

When executing the JavaScript code of the page, the browser writes errors to the console. If it is not previously opened, then such errors are difficult to notice. ASC will scan your entire site and log all errors displayed in the console. You can check 1 page here, and check all the pages of the site at once ussing a premium access.

Search for broken pages

Often after major changes, you may not notice that some pages of the site have stopped working. Thus, users can get to a page that will give them a 404 error.

To protect yourself, do a full site scan, which is available at a premium rate. We will not only validate HTML pages, but also almost all the links and files that we find, including external ones.

Mobile version testing

We regularly encounter a situation where we encounter a page with a broken mobile version. Such errors occur by chance and are found by chance. For example, a content manager may upload an overly wide table or image onto a page. Because of this, it may not fit on the screen of a mobile device.

Similar bugs occur by chance.
Similar bugs occur by chance.

We check the site in 5 screens: desktop, phone vertically, phone horizontally, tablet vertically, tablet horizontally. After major edits, we recommend checking the entire site at least once for broken pages.

Touchscreen optimization

Our service highlights small elements. It’s hard to click them with finger.
Our service highlights small elements. It’s hard to click them with finger.

A fairly common problem on sites is when the buttons are too small to be reached with finger. We check the size of the buttons for compliance with touchscreen standards. See visually the location of small elements, use our service.

SEO fails

Very often, when releasing new pages, basic SEO rules are missed: the page should have a title and h1 without typos, the page should be presented in the Sitemap, page text should have pretty fomatting etc. Without these basic SEO optimizations, these pages will not get into the search index and will not be profitable. If your site has more than 10,000 pages, then you need automated tools to prevent such fails. Our service checks dozens of SEO criteria. If you have an online store and with the help of our service you can make at least 1 sale more, then you will pay back the cost of the premium tariff.

Using ASC will make your website better, save your reputation and reduce the cost of the development process. Our artificial intelligence will take on a huge amount of work. A month of premium access costs like an hour of specialist work. A human physically can't to do the work that ASC does.

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