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/SEO friendly or rain seller.

Most SEO optimizers work to increase the attractiveness of the site for search engine algorithms. Such experts offer: write SEO texts, increase the number of links to your website, to keep a blog and social networks.

Beautiful photos and videos allow this store to sell the set for $ 100 more.
Beautiful photos and videos allow this store to sell the set for $ 100 more.

The task of search engines is to give quality content to its users. We are convinced that it is better to work on the content of the site than to try to optimize the pages for search engine algorithms.

Let's compare the methods that use these 2 approaches:

Content-oriented Algorithm-oriented
Structured product characteristics and brief description with main advantages; The text for 700 words, well balanced with the frequency of keywords;
Try to make the pages have attractive titles: «120 models of blue glasses»; Make headlines with lots of key words: «Blue glasses, buy, cheap prices»;
Blog with bright headlines and useful magazine level information; Blog with SEO texts that are optimized for the search phrase;
Attracting visitors through coupons, eBay, Amazon; Expansion of the external links to the site.

Content-oriented way:

  • Easier to plan, as you focus on the increase of the customer value of your website, but not on the accordance with the mysterious algorithms of search engines.
  • Gives the feedback from all traffic sources.
  • Is not subject to the risks of sanctions by search engines.

There is a popular opinion that the number of links affects the issuance and the more they are, the higher the probability of being higher in search results. And if the position does not grow, then we need more links. Such a statement sounds like the marketing position of rain sellers. If it is rain outside, then shaman did a good job, if there is no rain, then we still have to appease the gods.

Draw your own conclusions. We just made our point.

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