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Free check

30 checks per day for 1 site


Premium check
for 30 days

  • +30% of functional
  • Extended limits for tools
  • Private support

For $795


Premium check
for 90 days

  • +30% of functional
  • Extended limits for tools
  • Private support

For $1895


/Issues we check

One page Premium
Cashing Yes Yes
Cross CSS available Yes
Font file optimization Yes Yes
Font files weight Yes Yes
Gzip usage Yes Yes
Image size optimization Yes Yes
JS and CSS combination Yes Yes
JS and CSS minification Yes Yes
JavaScript position Yes Yes
Keep alive header Yes Yes
Page size Yes Yes
Safe and Generic fonts defined Yes Yes
Total page load time Yes Yes
Unused CSS code Yes Yes
Using sprite images Yes Yes
Attributes alt and title Yes Yes
Available link to main page Yes Yes
Broken links Yes Yes
Correct H1 tag Yes Yes
Correct HTTP to HTTPS redirect Yes
Custom 404 page Yes
Cycled links Yes Yes
Duplicated titles and metatags Yes
Google rich data check and validation Yes Yes
Grammar for titles and metatags Yes Yes
HTML5 standards Yes Yes
Human readable links and images names Yes Yes
Metatags for SEO Yes Yes
Metatags for social media Yes Yes
Robots.txt validation Yes
Sitemap validation Yes
Stop(Spam) words in the title Yes Yes
Text content formating Yes Yes
Unnecessary redirects Yes Yes
Untouchable pages for user Yes
rDNS records Yes
Trust and Secure
HTTPS certificate Yes Yes
Insecure flash and java snippets Yes Yes
Insecure page’s assets Yes Yes
MX, SPF, DMARK records for email deliverability Yes
Opened secure files Yes
Server’s error displaying Yes Yes
Strict HTTPS header Yes Yes
XSFR protection Yes Yes
XSS protection Yes Yes
Mobile capability
Alternate images for 5 screen sizes Yes Yes
Favicons for Apple, Android and Microsoft devices Yes Yes
Mobile capability for 5 screen sizes Yes Yes
CSS styles validation Yes Yes
HTML validation Yes Yes
IPv6 HTTPS availability Yes
IPv6 availability Yes
JS errors Yes Yes
Fast call for email and phones Yes Yes
Interface responsibility Yes Yes
RSS available Yes Yes
Tuch screen adaptation Yes Yes

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