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Build your UI test right now in 5 minutes.

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What is it?
Easy-peasy UI Tester is a tool for creating scripts simulating user actions. With it, you can perform actions as if an ordinary person were doing it.

In a professional language, it is a tool for automating testing a user interface (UI) of web applications.
Why is this needed?
Processes such as placing an order, sending an application, or registering break down very often. To avoid this, create self-test scripts and run them each time the site code is updated.

The machine will test for you, and you will save time.

If you update your site at least once a month, imagine how much time you will save.
How to use it?
The UI Tester interface is intuitive. Watch a short video illustrating the features of the interface.

Action descriptions:
Visit Open the page at a specific address.
Click Left-click on an element. Usually this is a button, checkbox or radio button.
Input Enter a specific value in the selected field.
Input generated Generate a value and enter it in the selected field. It is possible to generate the following values:
  • Email - Email of the form [random string] is a real address to which you can send letters. The service has functions for analyzing incoming emails.
  • First name - Random name.
  • Last name - Random last name.
  • Nick - Random nick name.
  • Password trivial - Password containing only numbers.
  • Password simple - Password containing numbers and letters.
  • Password complex - Password containing numbers, letters and characters «~!@#$%^&*(){}[],./?».
  • Password confirm - Re-entering a previously generated password that generated the last call to one of the functions «Password trivial», «Password complex» or «Password complex».
  • Second name - Random second name.
Email: Find text Searches for specific text in an incoming message. Before use, you need to generate a mailbox using the action «Input generated -> Email».
Email: Follow link Searches for a link in an incoming message. Before use, you need to generate a mailbox using the action «Input generated -> Email». Having found the link, it opens the page. There are 2 ways to search:
Wait for Waits for an item to appear. Useful when you need to wait until the loading process.
I have a question, suggestion or notice.
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